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"I was able to run 20 miles last weekend with ZERO pelvic pain during/after. All I could think about was how thankful I am that you helped me figure out how to manage it. I definitely wouldn't be at this point without your help! It was almost emotional to be able to get that far with no pain. You totally steered me in the right direction and helped me ease back into my active lifestyle."

—27 year old female with low back and pelvic pain and chronic constipation

"I hurt my achilles jogging, and spent months in traditional physical therapy, 2 times per week. When Renee suggested it could be related to my back, I couldn't understand how, but was willing to try what she suggested. After 2 treatments, I started to see a difference! Literally 2 treatments did more for me than months of the other therapy. I continued on her path to full recovery. Now I won't go anywhere else."

—44-year-old female with pain in achilles tendon

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart—your support, expertise and compassion have meant the world to me. You have truly empowered me and made me feel more confident with the exercises you taught me. Thank you so much for being such a phenomenal advocate for women's health. I am so lucky to know you and excited to see you postpartum!"

34 year old female with diastis recti, round ligament pain and severe anxiety during second pregnancy

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Dr. Renee Spinella, DPT is a physical therapist of the highest caliber! You receive expert care, based in clinical best practices and informed by her years of experience cultivating and dogmatically pursuing post-graduate education that provides her patients with the BEST care to give them results. She does not waste your time with cookie-cutter, ineffective assessments and treatments. From the moment you meet her, you will know you are in the hands of an expert. Dr. Renee provides expertise in treating all pelvic health conditions, such as chronic pelvic pain, bladder problems, pregnancy and postpartum recovery and low back pain. Her clinical experience includes general orthopedics, pediatric physical therapy, home health post-operative physical therapy and McKenzie based evaluation and treatment methods. In other words, she has treated anything you can imagine—from birth to elderly years, from joint replacements to nerve injuries, from hip labral tears to plantar fascitis. You name it, she has experience with it, and all of this informs her ability to treat your current condition. Dr. Renee's former patients routinely send their family and friends to her, perhaps the best sign that she is a trusted and skilled physical therapist. I highly recommend Dr. Renee Spinella, DPT for all of your physical therapy needs. She's the best! —Maureen O'Keefe, PT, DPT owner of Purple Mountain PT specializing in pelvic health 

"Over a year after having my third child, I was still having problems with leaking, urgency and weakness. Renee has helped me more than words can describe, and I am so grateful to have found her. She is professional, flexible, and guided me through quick and simple exercises that have improved my quality of life tremendously." 

—34 year old female post partum with urinary leakage, urgency pelvic heaviness with coughing and weakness

"I have been a returning patient of Renee's after each of my pregnancies and I cannot recommend her enough! What started as postnatal care to help recover and regain strength after delivery, developed into eliminating pain that was completely unrelated. I was experiencing pain in my wrists and thumbs and had been told I would most likely need surgery. Renee assessed my pain and believed it was stemming from my neck. Rather skeptical, I followed the exercises; within a few visits the pain was completely gone! Renee's knowledge and expertise eliminated my pain and a surgery!

—32 year old female post partum general weakness and thumb/wrist pain and tingling stemming from the neck

"I highly recommend Renee. Her knowledge, professionalism and genuine kindness helped me to understand, control and/or eliminate my symptoms, allowing me to meet my goals and return to running. I truly appreciate her walking me through the process and teaching me lifestyle changes and exercises that have helped me to be successful even after therapy."

—41 year old female with low back pain and lower extremity tingling, vaginal deliveries with tearing, stress and urge urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence 

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"I tell my friends about my angel physical therapist! Over the years, I have had treatment from Dr. Renee for various orthopedic issues, and she has helped me to heal my neck, lower back and shoulder. I first met Renee when I was having severe chronic neck pain while trying to juggle working full-time and taking care of my two kids. Within my first session, I gained hope and confidence that I could improve my condition. Her approach was holistic which was a game changer for my healing process—after only a few sessions, I had improved using the techniques she taught me. I went back to Renee when I experienced new lower back pain and learned life-long exercises that I am able to manage at home. Recently, I was dealing with shoulder pain and lack of motion where I couldn't lift my arm past shoulder-level. Once again, she helped me return to full range of motion without pain. Renee's approach works so well because she asks the right questions and really listens in order to recommend the right treatment. If a particular treatment or at-home exercise isn't showing positive results, she quickly reassesses, so we continue progressing toward full healing. Back to Health is exactly where I end up. 

—50 year old female with neck, low back and shoulder pain, and a history of Fibromyalgia

Hands down, Renee is a miracle worker. My OB referred me to her at Back to Health PT for post-natal issues including pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis recti. Renee is compassionate, thorough, and SUPER knowledgeable. Within a few months, I was even better than my pre-pregnancy self. 

Since then, I have continued to see Renee for other issues, and I can't recommend Back to Health PT and Renee enough. 100 out of 5 stars.

—33 year old female with low back pain, abdominal and pelvic pain, diastasis recti and stress urinary incontinence

Dr. Renee is great. She is very professional, and she helped me so much. I saw her for Diastasis Recti. I am a 60 year old male, and I had noticed a bulge in my belly when laying down or getting in and out of bed. Dr. Renee explained to me the various ways pressure was being applied to my abdominal muscles, causing the diastasis. She taught me strategies for controlling that pressure and exercises to help strengthen my full core, particularly my Transverse Abdominis muscle. I would recommend Dr. Renee to anyone for any ailment; but if you are someone with Diastasis Recti, definitely go see her.

—60 year old  male with diastasis recti and constipation

I came into Dr. Renee's office experiencing period-like cramps whenever I ran. I assumed it was something related to my menstrual cycle or reproductive organs, but testing revealed there was nothing wrong with my reproductive health. Dr. Renee determined that my cramping was actually related to my lower back. When irritated, related nerves created abdominal pain which explains why running caused the cramping. Thanks to Dr. Renee's diagnosis, I was able to quickly find the treatment that worked to help alleviate symptoms.

—17 year old female with cramping and pain while running. Pain was stemming from the thoracic and lumbar spine.

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"I cannot say enough positive words about my PT experience with Renee. After already dealing with years of chronic neck and low back pain and radicular symptoms into my legs, I fractured my tail bone during labor and delivery. This acute injury increased the chronic pains tremendously as well. Not to mention I was also dealing with severe vaginal sensitivity and pain. I am a physical therapist and knew I needed help from someone else, since I couldn't "fix" myself. Renee's expertise in both McKenzie method and women's health were exactly what I needed, and I went from my lowest low (both physically and mentally post partum) to the best I have felt in years. Truly. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me, Renee. You not only improved my quality of life but you inspired me professionally as a PT as well. If you are on the fence to start PT, look no further, and please book an appointment with her today!" 

—31 year old female post partum with neck, mid and low back pain, coccyx fracture, constipation and pelvic pain

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